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Selling your Anamosa, IA or Marion, IA home? Renting out your property? Just want to know how well your furnace or AC unit is performing? Get an HVAC assessment from Jim's Heating & Air Repair LLC to check your system's performance.

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Our HVAC inspections are thorough

Our HVAC inspections are thorough

Anamosa, IA homeowners trust Jim's Heating & Air Repair because they know that we do HVAC inspections right. When you hire us for an HVAC assessment, you can count on us to check the essential components of your heater or air conditioner. These include the:

Freon levels: Your AC unit needs refrigerant to produce cold air. We can check your unit for coolant leaks if your Freon is running low.
Air filters: Clogged air filters can contribute to poor air quality. We can replace your filters to help you breathe easier.
Fan motor: If cool air isn't coming from your vents, there may be a problem with the motor in your AC unit. We can diagnose the problem and find a solution fast.
Evaporator coils: If ice is building up on your coils, we'll determine whether it's due to a mechanical failure, low coolant levels or something else.
Electrical components: We'll check your HVAC system for fire hazards, such as frayed wires and overloaded circuits.

It's never a bad idea to schedule an HVAC inspection at your Anamosa, IA or Marion, IA area home. Call Jim's Heating & Air Repair today at 319-480-9916 to make an appointment.